‘To need but have everything or not to need and have nothing?’ & ‘To live a dream or a reality?’ – life discussed with questions

If you had everything would you want for nothing? All the money in the world and no need to work, but would you actually have everything? Would you have happiness? Would you have friends? Would you have fun? Would you know and understand the inner workings of the heart, having fallen into and out of love? Would you have a goal, an aim, a target for your future? Would you understand achievement? Would you admire the world and people around you?

If you had all the money in the world is that the equivalent to having everything? Can the poorest child be richer than the richest man? Does money determine your wealth? Or are there other abstract qualities, experiences and feelings that are more important, weigh more on the scales of life, and are worth more in our heart and soul? If money and currency and price tags didn’t exist would the world be a better place? A place without recessions, a place without the rich and without the poor, a place where opportunities for improvement and research are infinite and available to everyone. A place where equality is stripped down to its essence. Money can’t buy you everything so don’t wish for money, wish for life. Will you let money control your wealth?

Dreams or reality? Which would you choose?

To live through a dream with the perfect life and everything you could ever want in the palm of your hand and at your beck and call. Everything in an instance and immediate upon your demand. Happiness, love and friendship. Peace of heart and mind. The world of your fantasies where everything is perfect and you can live how you want. Making mistakes are a thing of the past and everything you wish for, everything you want to achieve, everything that needs to happen, does.

Or reality? Where life is tough and karma’s a bitch. Where you learn through living and making mistakes. Where your heart can be broken, your dreams destroyed and where you have to persevere through all the adversities that are thrown in your face. Where nothing is perfect and most things don’t work out for the best. Where you struggle through daily tasks and feel as if you’re constantly running into the wind, going nowhere but using all your energy.

Would you rather have dreams or reality? I’d choose reality, because in dreams you wake up eventually. You have a taste of what you think is perfection for it to be taken away and to have no sense of reality is to live in the clouds and to have no control. Perfection cannot exist but you can create your own reflection of it. I want control over my life, I want to fail and make mistakes. I want to learn and try again. I want to face the hardships and the adversity. I want to have my heart broken and I want to find love and friendship and happiness on my own, through my hard work, which will last forever. I don’t want to wake up eventually and realise I’ve been living a lie, a dream. To find out I’ve not been living at all.

Get your head out the clouds and stop wishing and wanting and thinking through ‘what-if’ scenarios. Live the life of your reality and make it your dream.


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